What is a student data insights platform?

A student data insights platform brings critical whole-child data together in one location. A platform’s power is in its ability to unify teacher and leader responses using a district’s student information system, preferred assessments, and interventions.

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See how a student data insights platform brings data together and the benefits you have from it.

Discover the benefits of a student data insights platform

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Greater efficiency

The process of pulling and analyzing data can be time consuming — and may lead to errors. Save time with a data insights platform that seamlessly integrates with existing platforms and automatically uploads data to ensure efficiency.


Improved accuracy

To ensure students' needs are being met, data insights platforms empower educators to collaborate around the same set of data and identify which strategies are (or aren't) working — and accurately deploy needed supports, such as academic interventions.


Accountability & data security

Many districts use spreadsheets and other rudimentary platforms to store data. This not only puts student data at risk, but also students' privacy. From data loading and translations to quality checks and normalization processes, a data insights platform can provide districts with data quality, privacy, and security.


Unified view

Aggregating key data into a single view, breaks down information silos and provides educators and leaders with valuable insights into growth and achievement.

Analyzing academic data — like high-stakes assessment results — alongside data on absences and other non-academic information, prompts opportunities to better understand barriers and opportunities to maximize student growth.

Your district can benefit from a student data insights platform if:

Your district collects data across several platforms and sources — including spreadsheets and shared online documents.
Data are not readily available and easily accessible to teachers and other staff to make informed decisions.
Siloed data impedes shared conversations around student learning, growth, and instruction.
Staff are not able to map multiple measures across data domains to identify additional factors that may be impacting student outcomes.

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